JOB OFFER SALARY NEGOTIATIONWell done! You have the offer letter for you dream job in your hands. But you see a small glitch the salary doesn\\\'t meet your expectations entirely. This is when you have to be real smart. If you really want this job but a different salary, here are some negotiation tactics which you would do well to know. Wait till the list of candidates has been narrowed down to the narrowest when the employer is convinced he has to hire you. Make full use of the time between…read more MANAGE YOUR OWN CAREER. SELF-ASSESSMENT TECHNIQUESThe following career management self-assessment steps can be used to help you find out more about yourself and your dream job Review your CV Listing the things you really enjoy doing Examine previous employment situations Evaluate your personal traits Identifying your main values Identifying the ideal job Evaluate achievements Take self-assessment tests Draw up a job search plan Self-Assessment step 1: Review your CV. List a…read more STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS GOALS IN 2013 (FOR EXECUTIVES)Plan, strategize, execute. 80% planning, 20% execution- this is a century old saying and it’s still as effective in the past as it’s effective in the present. If you start the planning today instead of waiting any longer, you’ll have much more time to consider, ponder, decide, prepare, organize, and communicate the most important results that your must achieve to be successful during 2013. The following suggestions are highly recommended to be taken in mi…read more ON-THE-JOB TRAINING VS. AN MBAThe importance of learning the fundamentals Teaching fundamentals is an essential part of higher education. These are principles that change slowly if at all from one generation to the next. In the case of MBA programs, the fundamentals include areas such as the techniques of leadership, how to structure and analyze complex problems, and how to effectively present the findings to senior managers. They include the principles of microeconomics and how firms allocate resources …read more THE CV - ESSENTIALS YOU NEED TO KNOWIn a situation where you will be evaluated by your preciseness to recognize what is that the employers are looking for, building your resume is the most important part of your job hunt. Imagine, you have by far implemented Blubrys advices on how to see jobs and now comes the time to actually present yourself to the employer. Here, you need to stop for a while. Take a deep breath as you will have to be strategic. Employers are seeing innumerous CVs per day. Some are good, so…read more INTERVIEW QUESTIONS (part 1)Many of the questions asked by employers are designed to determine "chemistry" or "fit". You can demonstrate these to an employer by answering with examples and behaviours through your C.A.R stories, as described above. You also need to be prepared to answer specific technical questions about your areas of expertise. The information below will help you understand the different types of questions you may be asked. Positive, Negative and Neutral Questions …read more